Expand your Detection Capabilities with Better Data, not Big Data

Accelerate and focus your detection & response efforts using our
SaaS deception platform.
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The Detection Booster for Busy Security Teams

Running side-by-side with your existing security solutions, Cyber Deception Technology provides high-fidelity, high-grade detection data, massively reducing detection time.
Don't let adversaries be undetected for weeks. Easily build and deploy sophisticated deception capabilities, using automation and a modern SaaS architecture to achieve coverage across the entire attack chain.

One Platform, Enhanced Insights

Transform your IT, industrial networks, or cloud environments into valuable intelligence sources

High Fidelity Detection
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Get more value from your existing security tooling

Defused provides many integrations for pre- and post-detection actions


Defused software provides comprehensive protection for diverse digital environments, including IT, OT, legacy systems, and cloud networks, ensuring robust security across all platforms.
The Defused runtime is packaged as a VM image, onto which you can deploy multiple decoys. Other deployment options for Windows and Cloud providers are also available.

Ready to Defuse your cyber risks?

You could be up and running by tomorrow.