Accelerate your security operations to the speed of the attacker.

Reduce Detection Time and Data Breach costs with high fidelity threats detection and identification.
Go beyond traditional monitoring solutions with a powerful SaaS Deception as a Service platform that lures attackers toward fake digital assets.

Core Features

Core features of Defused

Picture describing the Broad Coverage feature
Broad Coverage

Deploy realistic, customizable decoys across your network to mimic critical systems, luring attackers away from valuable assets. Our advanced algorithms ensure decoys are indistinguishable from real assets, enhancing your threat detection capabilities.

Picture describing the High-Fidelity Detection feature
High-Fidelity Detection

Gain real-time alerts on suspicious activities with our sophisticated detection mechanisms. By engaging attackers with decoys, we provide early detection of breach attempts, allowing for immediate response before any real damage is done.

Picture describing the Low Overhead feature
Low Overhead

Designed for busy professionals, our deception-based cybersecurity solution operates with minimal overhead, ensuring your system's performance remains unaffected. Efficient deployment and maintenance of decoys mean you can enhance your security posture without dedicating extensive resources or time. This feature is ideal for organizations seeking to implement robust security measures while maintaining optimal operational efficiency.

Picture describing the Automated Deployments feature
Automated Deployments

Automated Deployments ensure seamless integration and expansion of your deception strategy across the network, without the need for manual setup or continuous oversight. This feature leverages advanced algorithms to intelligently place decoys and traps in strategic locations, dynamically adjusting to the changing landscape of your network and emerging threats.

Picture describing the Customizable Decoys feature
Customizable Decoys

Create tailored decoys that mimic your environment’s specific configurations and assets, from servers to IoT devices. This level of customization ensures attackers can’t distinguish between real and decoy, enhancing the effectiveness of your deception strategy.

Picture describing the Integration & Scalability feature
Integration & Scalability

Easily integrate with your existing security tools, allowing for scalable deployment of decoys across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Expand or modify your deception strategies as your network evolves, without significant overhead.

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